Raising a Daughter

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Girls are born believing that they can do anything, but our media- EPUBdriven culture of mixed messages and conflicting values can make growing up a confusing and risky business. Raising a Daughter EPUB EBook And for parents, it is a daunting responsibility to raise confident, independent daughters while still keeping them safe. Jeanne and Don Elium address such complex challenges as:
•peer pressure and evolving social roles
•emotional effects of physical changes
•moodiness, eating disorders, and depression
•the consequences of early sexuality
•the gender gap between girls and boys
•new research on ADD and ADHD in girls
•daughters and single parenting
Raising A Daughter guides parents through each stage of a girl’s development, from infant to toddler, through middle childhood, the teen years, and on into early adulthood. A bestseller since 1994, this newly revised classic offers a practical exploration of what it means to have a daughter, and a compassionate study of what it means to be a woman coming of age in today’s world. Like this book? Read online this: The Lunch Lady's Daughter 4 (books for girls age 9-12), Raising the Bar.

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