Race Traitor

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Working from the premise that the white race has been socially constructed, this volume is a call for the disruption of white conformity and the formation of a New Abolitionism to dissolve it. Race Traitor EPUB EBook In a time when white supremicist thinking seems to be gaining momentum, this text brings together voices ranging from tenured university professors to skinheads and prison inmates to discuss the white question in America. Through popular culture, current events, history and personal life stories, the essays analyze the forces that hold the white race together - EPUB and those that promise to tear it apart. When a critical mass of people come together who, though they look white, have ceased to act white, the white race, so the text argues, will undergo fission and former whites will be able to take part in building a new human community. Like this book? Read online this: Black and White in the Southern States; A Study of the Race Problem in the United States from a South African Point of View, The Traitor's Daughter.

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