Quiet the Dead

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Atlanta psychologist, Promise McNeal, is second- EPUBguessing her decision to leave her beloved city for a new life as a country store owner in the North Carolina Mountains. Quiet the Dead EPUB EBook Not only does she find herself awash in unpaid bills, she's also shocked to discover that the store's previous owners' profits came from selling homegrown pot with the cornflakes. As Promise considers her options, a restless soul reaches out to her in a dream of a hanged woman. And an offer of a temporary, yet lucrative, consulting job sends her back to Atlanta into the middle of a mystery. At each turn, Promise is pulled further and further into the unsolved murder of Atlanta socialite, Stella Tournay, and into the Tournay family's tangled legacy of violence, secrecy, and unexplained wealth. With assistance from her slightly-Goth, twenty-something friend, Susan, Promise soon finds answers in an out of print book on Carolingian art treasures, and in the memories of a retired jazz musician who knew the Tournays in Nazi-occupied Paris. She stands within a hand's grasp of unraveling the past when another murder in the Tournay house pushes her out into the darkness with only her intuition as armor, and clues from the dead as weapons. "With one foot in the Appalachians and the other in Atlanta, Morgan James' Promise McNeal combines simple values of mountain living with the adrenaline rush of urban crime. Wrapping everything in a ghost story, Quiet The Dead will keep you guessing to the final, surprising revelation." Mark de Castrique, Author of Sam Blackman Mysteries & download; Barry Clayton Mysteries Like this book? Read online this: Promise Me Anthology #1 (Promise Me, #4.5), The Quiet Don.

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