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The title doesn't lie when it says "Quick and Easy" ~ the most intensive aspect of cooking from this book was chopping vegetables & download; mixing sauces. Quick & Easy Asian Vegetarian Recipes EPUB EBook The instructions are easy to follow and there is a large, beautiful color picture of every recipe. Better yet, every recipe I have tried ending up looking just like the picture ~ except, of course, for the fancy Asian serving dishes ~ sadly, my serving dishes don't compare.

So why four stars instead of five? A few of the sauces call for small amounts of very specific ingredients that aren’t normally found in a Western kitchen. For example Tofu Steaks with Chili Paste calls for 1Tbl of chili paste. This is the only recipe calling for chili paste, and I could only find the stuff in a 4oz bottle for $3.95. Noodles with Sesame Soy Dressing is the only recipe to call for red chili oil, and Stir- EPUBfried Tofu with Vegetables is the only recipe to use hoisin sauce. On a positive note, all three of these dishes turned out to be incredibly delicious ~ but I wasn’t thrilled about purchasing sauces/spices that are only going to be used for one item. The majority of the recipes in this collection do use a lot of repeat items ~ so the examples I listed here are certainly the exception. Still, it’s a pet peeve of mine to have to purchase a particular item and then only use it for one recipe.

My second reason for the four star review is that this vegetarian cookbook uses fish sauce and gelatin in a few recipes. Fish sauce? Ugh… there is no way of fooling yourself that isn’t from an animal. Regarding the gelatin, true it is one of those not-so-obvious animal products. After all, who eats Jello and thinks of cow bones? This book calls for unflavored gelatin ~ the first time you dissolve it in hot water, it becomes very obvious that it is an animal product. Unflavored gelatin has an overwhelming animal smell to it. Disgusting!

Finally, the desserts aren’t really desserts. At least, not to this chocolate-loving midwestern girl. Sweet Corn Pudding, Yams and Bananas in Sweet Coconut Milk, and Sweet Mung Bean Soup may be delicious and sugary sweet but they are not what I consider to be a proper dessert ;)

Overall, the book kicks ass. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money on spices and sauces this is an excellent cookbook to work with. And did I mention that my dishes turn out exactly like the pictures? Amazing! =)
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