Pulse Genesis (The Pulse Myths book #3)

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When a gorgeous immortal such as Elliot De Costa asks for a woman's hand in marriage, she never denies him. Pulse Genesis (The Pulse Myths book #3) EPUB EBook Michelle is ecstatic over the idea of being Mrs. De Costa, and the couple can't wait to put their troubled pasts behind them and begin their new life together, starting with their honeymoon.

But when a blood- EPUBsoaked soap in the shape of a heart shows up as one of their wedding gifts, Michelle doesn't know whether it's just an immature prank, or something more serious. With no name attached to the gift, Michelle is determined to find out where it came from and the meaning behind it. Not knowing whom else to turn to, Michelle appeals to Elliot's ethereal twin sister for help, and a new dark and sinister mystery begins to unfold.

With Hadeno's daughter back in the picture, and with Jessica around, the past is never that far behind. It seems that an unexpected family reunion is destined to take place whether the newlyweds are ready or not. Join Michelle, Elliot, and the rest of the Hekademos crew in this astonishing, spellbinding, and illuminating tale of revelations that will push their world and everyone they know and love to their utmost limits, both physically and emotionally. Pulse Genesis is the gripping conclusion to A. Jacob Sweeny's award winning trilogy The Pulse Myths. Like this book? Read online this: Michelle's Big Break, Pulse.

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