Public and Private Families

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This book is so awful even the professor said, "Don't get it. Public and Private Families EPUB EBook If you have, return it if you can."

The book was a horrible choice for a human behavior class in a social work program. This isn't even a social work book - EPUB it's a sociology book. It being a sociology book is not what makes it awful (because I do have an appreciation for sociology). It's excessively wordy. The author takes three to four pages to talk about something that could be covered in a paragraph.

The book is supposed to be about families but the third chapter starts talking about transgendered (?) or homosexual (?) Native Americans? (I question because after reading it, I'm not sure if the author was saying they were homosexual or transgendered.)

And in the first chapter the author talks about how there is a Public Family and a Private Family and they are these two things but then 'Oh no, wait! JK they're really the same thing.' ??

Anyway, this book was poorly structured, needs an editor (badly), and is overly confusing.

DNF. Like this book? Read online this: The Newest Secret (Author Your Reality Action Plan Book 1), Private Lives Of Public Figures.

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