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I had the privilege of learning from this book from two great professors.

My first experience was with the late John Bassili. He was director of the Psychology Department at UTSC and was a great professor who really loved what he was teaching. He was a founder of a program at UTSC called WebOption, in which students can watch lectures online not only as supplementary access for their in-class lectures, but as a student solely connected to the class through online lectures. His enthusiasm for the field helped spur me on to my decision of choosing Psychology as my major.

The other professor responsible for helping me choose my field: one of the best professors at UTSC, and I do mean the absolute best: Professor Steve Joordens. He is the absolute perfect professor to be teaching Intro Psych. If you don't like Psych after taking his class, then you never will. Even years after taking his class, I still find myself using methods he taught me. He's one of the nicest, coolest, most approachable profs around. He's even putting UTSC on the map by creating a new Intro Psych program that is open to an unlimited amount of students, while using online lectures.

But this is about the book right? The book is very good and definitely helped these two profs get their messages across. Like this book? Read online this: Psychology, Mylab Edition Value Pack (Includes Vangonotes Access & Concept Map Booklet for Psychology ), OCR Gcse Psychology 4th Edition Psychology First.

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