Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

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EBook Description

This book will help you get past the initial learning curve quickly so that you can get started using SSIS to transform data, create a workflow, or maintain your SQL Server. Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services EPUB EBook Offering you hands- EPUBon guidance, you'll learn a new world of integration possibilities and be able to move away from scripting complex logic to programming tasks using a full-featured language.What you will learn from this bookWays to quickly move and transform dataHow to configure every aspect of SSISHow to interface SSIS with web services and XMLTechniques to scale the SSIS and make it more reliableHow to migrate DTS packages to SSISHow to create your own custom tasks and user interfacesHow to create an application that interfaces with SSIS to manage the environmentA detailed usable case study for a complete ETL solution

Who this book is for

This book is for developers, DBAs, and users who are looking to program custom code in all of the .NET languages. It is expected that you know the basics of how to query the SQL Server and have some fundamental programming skills.

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