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Django is the leading Python web application development framework. Pro Django EPUB EBook Learn how to leverage the Django web framework to its full potential in this advanced tutorial and reference. Endorsed by Django, Pro Django more or less picks up where The Definitive Guide to Django left off and examines in greater detail the unusual and complex problems that Python web application developers can face and how to solve them.Provides indepth information about advanced tools and techniques available in every Django installation Runs the gamut from the theory of Django's internal operations to actual code that solves realworld problems for highvolume environments Goes above and beyond other books, leaving the basics behind Shows how Django can do things even its core developers never dreamed possible What you'll learn See how to use Django's models, views, forms, and templatesHandle HTTP and customizing back endsUse Django's common toolingEmploy Django in various environmentsBuild a business software suite for use in the corporate worldMake this code reusableeven distributable Who this book is for

This book is for companies looking for a framework capable of supporting enterprise needs, as well as advanced Python or web developers looking to solve unusual, complex problems. Table of Contents Understanding Django Django Is Python Models URLs and Views Forms Templates Handling HTTP Backend Protocols Common Tools Coordinating Applications Enhancing Applications" Like this book? Read online this: Application Development with the Borland Paradox Engine and Database Framework 3.0, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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