Preparing for Adolescence

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Instead of TELLING me about sex, my parents provided me with this book. Preparing for Adolescence EPUB EBookSurprisingly free of preachiness considering the author.Gotta say, knowing how my body would change did come in useful.Of course there's the DON'T HAVE SEX chapter—and I can't say I'd recommend this, it's more of a rememberance than anything else.Years later—when I was like 14, my parents asked me if I knew about "making babies" yet, and it was WAY too late.Also keep in mind, the edition I read may be very different.I have a feeling that this may have been updated to include things about homosexuality and such that I wouldn't agree with. Like this book? Read online this: Making Change Stick (Chapter 5 of Theory of Constraints Handbook), Pathways Through Adolescence.

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