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“Reality is a cliche from which we escape by metaphor. Poems, Poets, Poetry EPUB EBook” It didn't take me long while reading Helen Vendler's introduction to poetry to remember this quote from Wallace Stevens, as so much of the best poetry deals with the flouting of conventions and the subverting of cliches. Perhaps the formulaic thinking of greeting cards is necessary at times, but what seems to me even more necessary and fascinating are the new metaphors created and explored by poetry. (There's no way any baby- EPUBrelated greeting cards could top William Blake's "Infant Sorrow.") Poetry can deny the quotidian activities and occurrences of life that seem to cycle through interminably while at the same time, provide an escape through a multitude of options that is limited only by the poet's imagination.

As Vendler makes clear, these options don't necessarily involve overthrowing traditional aspects of living. They could also include variations of literary themes or formats or choosing to characterize a moment of life differently. Since art is an arrangement of life, poets have an unlimited range as to how they piece together and present that moment they have pulled from its temporal progress. They can stick to one tone or image or present the progression of a series of tones or images. They can use a well-worn rhythmic pattern ironically or slightly altered to fit a different topic. They can vary verb tenses, agencies, or grammatical structures. They can select a wide array of spacial or temporal arrangements for the setting.

And, Vendler does a great job breaking down all of these intricacies that poets have available. She not only explains them one at a time, but she circles back to hit on similar techniques several times throughout the book using different poems. This may sound repetitive, but she explains the technique differently each time; download; so, if it didn't quite make sense the first time (or even if it did), then it makes a little more sense the next time. She instills in readers the most important questions they should be asking and makes it clear that they should be asking every question they can come up with, including why certain things are excluded.

The book covers a broad range of topics outside of what I've already mentioned as well. It explains how poems arise from either private events (birthdays, deaths) or public events (war, ceremonies). It apprises readers how the narrator can be partially based on the poet or entirely fictionalized and how much of that narrator's past can be shown in limited amounts of space. It shows how well poetry can be tied to social movements or ethnic characteristics or confront moral dilemmas. On top of all this, it contains an impressive anthology of poetry that will leave plenty to read and analyze for a long time to come. Like this book? Read online this: The Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading Their Own Poetry, Selected Poems (Essential Poets, 73).

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