Poems from the Dark Side

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I have been an aficionado of the horror genre most of my life. Poems from the Dark Side EPUB EBook The fascination began as a child, staying up late and watching "Creature Features" late at night with my father. I grew up in one of the golden eras of horror films—Hammer Horror was in full swing and as I grew older the iconoclasts came on the scene—Carpenter, Craven and Argento. Weekends at the drive- EPUBins (often the only venues that would show these features) were a mainstay of my early adult life.

Meanwhile, I was reading constantly (as I still do) all the masters of horror, working my way through the entire canon of Poe and Lovecraft multiple times. Harlan Ellison and EC Comics, and later Stephen King were also a main ingredient of my literary diet. I was introduced to Tolkien and Stephen R. Donaldson at an early age as well and also enjoy Epic Fantasy.

I still am required to maintain full-time employment, I spend most of my spare time writing short stories, novellas and screenplaysIn addition to my first collection, "On the Verge of Madness," my stories have appeared in numerous print anthologies and online magazines. Like this book? Read online this: T'was the Night Before Krampus and other Holiday Horror Stories, The Dark Side of Nowhere.

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