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[my review is for the poems. Poems and verse plays EPUB EBook I did not read the verse plays]

Give yourself a treat, read his poems.

As I read them I could literally hear a music: a song and a melody. There were instruments too but—this is hard to describe—it is like the natural elements such as wind and rain had been harnessed by the poem so that the earth's rhythm supported his song.

I don't think that has ever happened to me before, for any poet. Auden and Keats may provide something similar though.

At times he reminded me of Poe because there is an unearthly feeling to his writing. And, as with Poe, it is the same feeling in each poem, like facets of a primordial archetype that only he can see and he tries to manifest it in the material world. Selections:

Stanzas in Terza Rima:

Our inmost life is open to their weaving; download;
Like ghostly hands in a locked room they teem
Within us, always living and conceiving

Ballad of the Outer Life:

And bitter fruit will sweeten by and by
And like dead birds come hurtling down at night
And for a few days fester where they lie.

Many Truly:

Many destinies with mine are woven;
Living plays them all through one another

The Youth in the Landscape:

The naked trees let all reveal itself.
One saw the river's reach and saw the market,
And many children played beside the ponds.

In Memory of Actor Mitterwurzer:

He went out suddenly like any light.
And we all bore a pallor on our faces
Like the reflection of a lightning flash.
He crept out of one mask into another,
Sprang from the father's into the son's body
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