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This book is in desperate need of a table of contents that goes down one more level of detail, similar to his An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical & download; Global Perspectives - EPUB I just skimmed the text so I could write one in. Pneumatology EPUB EBook Oddly, his chapter on ecclesiastical (what I would call denominational) traditions omits Anglicans (the ecclesiology book does this too) and Methodists (particularly odd given Wesley's "heart strangely warmed" conversion experience); and selects the Lutheran church as a representative of the Reformed tradition(??).

Although plenty of space is given to Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic perspectives, and some to ecumenical perspectives, I didn't spot a discussion of the filioque clause. Maybe that's due to his desire to emphasize experience and new perspectives, rather than rehashing thousand-year-old disagreements; or maybe I just missed it. I care a lot about this topic because it has been church-dividing; on the other hand, I'm already reasonably well informed about it. And our other text, I Believe in the Holy Spirit, looks like it has an extremely detailed (albeit necessarily slightly dated) discussion of it... which, however, is not included in the syllabus for the course I'm taking! Like this book? Read online this: The Smashing Book #4 - New Perspectives on Web Design, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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