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Babysister gets what Babysister wants. Please Please Please EPUB EBook Always has. Always will. After all, she's been spoiled rotten ever since she witnessed her mother's death as a child, and she's made the most of it- EPUBespecially with her dad. So when her oldest friend, Deborah, begins to date a fine-looking, fine-acting man named Darren-Babysister doesn't think twice: she wants Darren for herself. And what Babysister wants...

There are just a few little problems with their secret love affair. Babysister's devoted boyfriend is one. And Darren's lingering doubts about dumping Deborah—light-skinned, church-going, beautiful—is another. But Babysister won't let go, even after Darren crawls back to Deborah—and marries her. Following her love-crazed heart, Babysister jeopardizes friendship, family, and her own self-esteem, until a little dose of reality shows her how much she's been missing all along. Like this book? Read online this: Deborah's Secret, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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