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Pistis Sophia: A Gnostic Gospel, translated by G. Pistis Sophia EPUB EBookR.S. Mead. The Gnostics were composed of a number of early Christian mystical sects. Their teachers were persecuted and documents destroyed because the Church desired a uniform set of beliefs to operate under. Only now have we begun to better appreciate these early Christian mystics. Pistis Sophia was the most important Gnostic document until the discovery and publication of The Nag Hammadi Library. This work remains an important milestone in Gnostic research, on par with Nag Hammadi, and should be part of any serious study. It is the story of how we, as spiritual beings, have fallen into the world of physical creation. The soul is asleep here, bogged down in physical surroundings, unaware of its true nature. The purpose of this gospel is to awaken us, and aid in the process of spiritual freedom. Like this book? Read online this: The Gnostic 2, Sophia & Pink.

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