Picture Composition for Film and Television

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Behind each shot there lies an idea or purpose. Picture Composition for Film and Television EPUB EBook When setting up a shot, the camera operator can employ a range of visual techniques that will clearly communicate the idea to an audience. Composition is the bedrock of the operator's craft, yet is seldom taught in training courses in the belief that it is an intuitive, personal skill. Peter Ward shows how composition can be learned, to enhance the quality of your work.
Based on the author's own practical experience, the book deals with the methods available for resolving practical production questions such as:
Does the shot composition accurately reflect the idea that initiated the shot?
Will the content and method of presenting the subject accurately convey the idea?
Major innovations in television and film production since the previous edition have affected the styles of composition, such as wide- EPUBscreen and the use of mini DV cameras. These new technologies and their implications for picture composition are addressed in this new edition. A new colour plate section is also being included to update the section on colour.
If you are a practising camera operator, trainee camera operator, student or lecturer on a television or film production course, or simply a video enthusiast wishing to progress to a more professional standard you will find this book essential in enhancing the quality of your work.
* Learn the secrets of successful composition from an experienced camera operator
* Completely rewritten including compositional implications of widescreen, DV cameras
* Teaches through varied examples of practical scenarios and problem-solving Like this book? Read online this: Counterpoint in Composition, The Composition.

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