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When a successful organization experiences a problem, it will use root- EPUBcause analysis to determine why the problem happened, and identify the steps need to correct and ultimately prevent it from happening again. Permission to Forget EPUB EBook You cannot fix it until you know where it is broken, but you cannot find out what is broken until you ask the right questions. But within the American education system, the prevailing attitude is to say 'that's just how the system works,' or to issue a general blame to the bureaucrats in Washington and the state capitol. Many people see that it is wrong, but few are asking the right questions to figure out why.

Best-selling author Lee Jenkins has spent his entire career working in and with schools, beginning as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and now a consultant helping schools tackle difficult problems. Jenkins believes that the problem with the American school system lies with the poor management system in place at all levels, including the classroom, school, and district. In Permission to Forget, Jenkins has identified ten critical root-cause problems and offers concise solutions to help change them. This book is the companion for Jenkins' best-selling guide Improving Student Learning which provides in-depth answers to these ten problems.

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