Pathfinder Adventure Path #22

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The Legacy of Fire Adventure Path continues as the heroes are drawn into Kakishon, a hidden dimension created by one of the world's greatest wizards to serve as a personal fortress and pleasure palace. Pathfinder Adventure Path #22 EPUB EBook The seven islands of Kakishon lie at the center of a world on the edge of collapse. Caught in a war between a legion of earth genies and a host of primeval spirits of chaos, the heroes must find a way to escape before the world around them crumbles to dust. A 3.5 fantasy roleplaying adventure for 8- EPUB9th-level characters. This volume of Pathfinder also includes an overview of the mysterious proteans, ancient inhabitants of the Great Beyond with schemes that reach into the heroes' world. Wolfgang Baur explores the magically potent symbols of geniekind and shows how the creatures may be bound into service. A short "set piece" bonus adventure plunges the heroes into underwater actionAll this, plus new monsters and the fourth installment of New York Times best-selling author Elaine Cunningham's Pathfinder Journal. Like this book? Read online this: Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game [With Noncollectible Fate Deck], Pathfinder Adventure Path #49.

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