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Countless centuries ago the gnomes emerged into the world of the Pathfinder Chronicles from the First World, a mysterious other- EPUBrealm of half-finished possibilities and relentless natural dangers. Pathfinder Companion EPUB EBook Scions of the immortal fey, the gnomes left their strange homeland behind and rooted themselves to the world of mortals - even if those roots have never been particularly strong.

Gnomes of Golarion offers Pathfinder players more information than ever before about what many gamers consider the most unique and interesting of the standard player character races. From details on gnomish culture, equipment, and names to rules for the bizarre process known as the Bleaching, when a gnome's color begins to fade as he loses connection to the ephemeral world that spawned his kind, Gnomes of Golarion has everything you want to know about gnomes and how to play them effectively.

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