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A Shadowrun bestiary that is only good for the comments
10 May 2013

I had completely forgot about the comments that are made in these early Shadowrun books until I read somebody's review of this particular book. Paranormal Animals of North America/Shadowrun 7105 EPUB EBook It was one of those things that is stored away in my long term memory only to be triggered by somebody crying 'I love those things'. I have to say the same thing because that is what made Shadowrun what it was, and even if it simply involved me reading through the comments, then I enjoyed the book.

It is like the gun porn book that I recently commented on, because you would have somebody, after all the technobable about the gun, say 'this gun is a piece of drek. It failed me half way through a firefight'. This book has the same thing, but as you can tell from the title, it is about animals, but not any normal animals (though you do have normal animals in the book) but animals that have been mutated by the return of magic to the world (as if it had ever left).

The book contains a lot of Shadowrun versions of many of the famous mythical animals that have been handed down to us, as well as a lot of new animals. However, the problem that I found with it was that I couldn't actually put them into any of my adventures. Okay, I would use some of the animals as guard animals, but generally, unless you are on some hunting expedition, I did not see the need to actually use them. It is not as if you are travelling along the interstate and suddenly some animal comes bursting out of the forest and attacks your car (though I don't see why they can't).

For some reason I found using monsters easier in Dungeons and Dragons than I did in Shadowrun, but that was probably because I tended to craft my adventures to be more like Hollywood action movies than roleplaying games (though I suspect using them as Hollywood action movies is probably one of the ideas behind the game). Still, this was a fun book to read through, and I still think I have it somewhere in a plastic crate out the back of my parents house (which is over 700 km from my current location). Like this book? Read online this: The Usborne Book Of Farm Animals, North America.

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