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The year is 2568. Owned EPUB EBook
Keira Alvarado is a captain and pilot for the New World Order in the Southwest Quadrant. At twenty- EPUBeight and single, she is indeed a rare find. Laws set forth by the NWO to bring about peace and restructuring of the world are not popular with all. The Breeding Law is one Keira cannot abide by.
Census reports estimates the ratio of men to women as 2 to 1 after the Apocalyptic Wars of 2540 and the Alien Wars of 2550. In order to combat the problem, the NWO established the Breeding Law. Under the law, men are to file for breeding rights and choose a mate in pairs. Their rights supersede a woman’s, allowing them to stake their claim whether a woman objects or not.
Keira not only hates the law, but she has been using her father’s position for years to shield her. A geeky history nut and a closet romantic, Keira longs for the days when men had to woo for the attention of a woman. She lives in a fantasy world where love reigns and men are valiant and honorable.
When two new pilots come under her command in the Southwest Quad, Keira’s world and dreams take a backseat to the chaos that begins to unfold.
Disclaimer: This book is an erotic romance with strong language and explicit scenes.
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