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In the beginning of Out of the Box 5 we find Virginia out of sorts. Out of the Box 5 EPUB EBook She's spent 3 weeks away from Anando and is unable to stay away any longer. Would he be glad to see her? She didn't know but was going to find out. When she gets to the club to find Anando, she suddenly feels nervous. What if he didn't want to see her?

Virginia had decided that there needed to be rules in her and Anando's relationship. Rules that she wanted to put into play to protect both Anando and herself. Things had gotten too close to being ruined during their last rendezvous and she didn't want to stop playing the games with Anando. She kept that thought in her mind as she looked around the club for him. When she finally sees Anando, she witnesses something that she never expected.

I love Virginia's willingness to try new things even when she misunderstood at first what they were. Kallysten writes in a way that allows one to learn and feel along with Virginia. It's fun reading about her and Anando's games.

Again Kallysten takes us into the world of Anando and his box of fun! I so love that box! With this installment of her Out of the Box series she ramps up heat in our favorite characters sex lives.

On a different note. The cover shows a brown wooden box when the box is white. That bugs me.

Favorite Line

"Understanding dawned on me with the subtlety of a dropped anvil."

*contains anal play Like this book? Read online this: A List of Things That Didn't Kill Me, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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