Out of Harm's Way

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This is the one book that got me involved in animal rescue back in 1998 when I first read it. Out of Harm's Way EPUB EBook Written after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in south Florida, it highlights the hard work and total frustration that animal rescue workers endure to try to save even one terrified animal left behind in the aftermath of natural disasters. More recently there are efforts to PREVENT this from happening at alll so not as many need rescuing. People need to be allowed to TAKE THEIR PETS when they evacuate, no exceptions. This is the only thing that works. More people are saved, and fewer animals need to be rescued. Terri Crisp is an amazing woman who helped start the legion of disaster related animal rescue groups out there today. They are first on the scene even before the fire is out or the wind stops blowing. Heroes to the animals...my kind of people. Like this book? Read online this: Red Hunters And The Animal People, Out of Harm's Way.

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