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What is this thing about British writers writing about the US? This is the fifth such book I've read in a months or so. Otis Lee Crenshaw EPUB EBook

Very un- EPUBPC, hilariously funny so far.

28/9**update** - finished
**grrr...homepage shut down, so my long review is gone**

I picked this book up on a whim, so I had no expectations of it, at all. If the protagonist had been a woman, I would have assumed this book belonged to the category commonly referred to as "chicklit".
(It is a category I hate, by the way. A bunch of books categorized based on the common factor of the protagonists having a uterus?? )

It is full of funny things to quote:

"In America, your name is a giveaway to where you stand on the ladder. If it's on the outside of the buildin' you work in, you're rich. If it's on a desk, you're middle class. And if it's on your shirt pocket, you're fucking poor."

Regarding cleveages: "I was just amazed at /.../ how a amna could be attracted to what was, essentially, sheer nothingness."

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