Opening the Hand of Thought

EPUB EBook by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi

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Do you want to devote life to sitting meditation?Or do you want to wake- EPUBup to the reality before you?This book is not about developing a conditioned peace brought about through trying to control emotions and responses. Opening the Hand of Thought EPUB EBookIt is about living with life as it is and seeing your true Self for what it is...a part of the universal that dances with everything (for whatever happens).It is explicitly not a self-help book.If you're dealing with demons, get professional help...then get this book and go deeper.Sitting in meditation and yoga and long walks on the beach are wonderful, but they all are conditioned and all fall short of the peace that comes from loving everything, including this lumpy body we call our "self", exactly as it is, while recognizing the impermanence and imperfection in everything. Like this book? Read online this: True to Life Elementary Teacher's Book, Opening Act.

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