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From reviews of the first edition—

"Academic literary crticism continues to be dominated by 'theory' and thestruggle between deconstructionist and humanist approaches to the businessof reading. On Deconstruction EPUB EBook Jonathan Culler's On Deconstruction is a typically patient,thoughtful, illuminating exposition of the ideas of Jacques Derrida andtheir application to literary studies."—David Lodge, Commonweal

"Culler is lucid and thorough, can move into and out of other people'sarguments without losing the sense of his own voice and argument, and canmanage to seem equally at home with Freudianism, feminism, and traditionalliterary criticism."—Times Literary Supplement

"As a practicing critic Culler has always been a deconstructor, and heapproaches this topic with special immediacy and force. In OnDeconstruction he offers generous summaries of numerous representativearticles and a fine annotated bibliography. . . . His magisterial way oftracing particular topics and techniques through our diaspora of criticaltexts, and his provocative analyses, cannot fail to focus any critic'sthinking about deconstruction."—Modern Language Quarterly

"Gifted with grace and clarity, Culler provides us with a stimulatingsurvey of contemporary literary criticism."—Antioch Review

With an emphasis on readers and reading, Jonathan Culler considereddeconstruction in terms of the questions raised by psychoanalytic,feminist, and reader- EPUBresponse criticism. On Deconstruction is both anauthoritative synthesis of Derrida's thought and an analysis of theoften-problematic relation between his philosophical writings and the workof literary critics. Culler's book is an indispensable guide for anyoneinterested in understanding modern critical thought. This edition marks thetwenty-fifth anniversary of the first publication of this landmark work andincludes a new preface by the author that surveys deconstruction's historysince the 1980s and assesses its place within cultural theory today.

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