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‘A Coral Reef Tale, Old Shell, New Shell’ by Helen Ward is a brilliant book that combines fiction and non- EPUBfiction to tell the story of a hermit crab trying to look for a new shell as he has grown too big for his old one. Old Shell, New Shell EPUB EBook

The story uses a short amount of text and has beautiful, vivid illustration on every page, making it ideal for young children. A fun idea would be to get children to use this book as inspiration for making a collage or a painting of a coral reef, getting them really thinking about the different colours and types of fish found in corals.

However, the last pages of the book give us a huge source of information about corals and the life story of a hermit crab. It gives detailed facts about how corals are formed, where they are found, the many different fish that live there and about how coral reefs are being endangered due to climate change. It is therefore a brilliant book to use for cross curricular links with older KS2 children too. It can be used to introduce many different topics such as adaptation, habitats and conservation to them, bringing Science, PSHSE and Geography together.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book as it has so much to offer in terms of exciting ideas to implement in lessons.
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