Oh, God, I'm Still Single

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Oh yes I'm still single. Oh, God, I'm Still Single EPUB EBook..thank to Rissa Singson- EPUBKawpeng for making me realize the perks of being single is far more awesome and wonderful than having a boyfriend/husband, but It doesn't mean having one is just a burden like getting a stone that you will hit on your own head...

All she wanted to share is while waiting for God to give us our mr. right is that we should be patient and instead of murmuring about how bored it is to be single,. we just better enjoy every minute of it and claim our singleness as the best time of our life which is actually true... Because life won't be the same when our singleness is over.. Like this book? Read online this: If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?, Nanny In The Nick Of Time (The Single Daddy Club) (The Single Daddy Club) (Silhouette Romance, #1217).

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