Nutrition for Women

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A revised edition of the comprehensive and
accessible guide that dispels the myths and explains the facts about nutrition and women's health

For many women, nutrition is more than a bit confusing. Nutrition for Women EPUB EBook Diets abound, from the anti- EPUBheart disease diet to the PMS diet to the hundreds of weight loss diets. Nutrition for Women is a quick reference guide that simplifies this nutrition puzzle, combining the best advice into an eating plan designed specifically to address many of the disorders unique to women. Here readers will find the latest research on the role nutrition plays in the many stages of a woman's life, as well as the latest information on how to
- reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease
- lose weight and keep it off
- combat fatigue and boost energy
- look and feel younger
This completely updated edition-based on the research of more than two thousand studies of women's health issues-cuts through the hype and dispels the myths, providing accurate, accessible information for every woman interested in the benefits of eating well.
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