Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace, #3)

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On the night Brian Bishop murdered his wife, he was sixty miles away, asleep in bed at the time. Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace, #3) EPUB EBook At least, that's the way it looks to Detective Superintendent Roy Grace who is called in to investigate the kinky slaying of beautiful young Brighton socialite, Katie Bishop.

Soon, Grace starts coming to the conclusion that Bishop has performed the apparently impossible feat of being in two places at once. Has someone stolen his identity, or is he simply a very clever liar? As Grace digs deeper behind the facade of the Bishops' outwardly respectable lives, it starts to become clear that all is not at all as it first seemed. And then he digs just a little too far, and suddenly the fragile stability of his own troubled, private world is facing destruction . . .

Praise for "Looking Good Dead":

'James is a master plotter . . . this follow- EPUBup to "Dead Simple" cannot fail to thrill' "Daily Mail "

'Will have you glued to your deckchair' "Observer" Like this book? Read online this: Dead Man's Grip (Roy Grace, #7), Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power (Just Grace, #8).

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