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Cost of 24 linear feet of 1x12 prime cut pine:
$41. Nomadic Furniture EPUB EBook68
Cost of 10 cinder blocks:
Cost of New American stain, 60 grit and 150 grit sandpaper:
about $10.00
Value in being able to use the phrase "retro- EPUBindustrial chic" antecedent to banging some half-inbred North Texas hussy on my kitchen floor:
vanishing, but non-zero.

This set of shelves I built last week:
was originally of my own design, but in the course of investigating various options for my design's specifics, I discovered this book: Nomadic Furniture. The book is not quite what I expected, nor exactly what the description would lead you to believe, but more about that in a moment. First let's talk about my bookshelves.

I am currently highly nomadic, and have been for the past half-dozen years at least. On average, I move at least once a year. As a partial consequence, I do not desire more possessions than can fit in the back of my half-ton pickup. This limits the amount of furniture I can own to almost zero.

Compounding this problem is that I own about 300 books, a large proportion of which are gargantuan textbooks. And so my "library" (the entirety of which is not pictured above) fills very nearly half my truck bed on its own.

As a result, I am constantly looking for creative ways to store, transport and display my books. I used to just buy and sell bookshelves everywhere I went, but that gets expensive and onerous quickly. These shelves were a stroke of brilliance.

The wood portion of the shelves is a permanent possession. I took some care in their fabrication. The cinder blocks on the other hand, which are dirt cheap, are completely disposable. Between all my shelves, I now have a mere eight (and lightweight) pine boards which require transport from domicile to domicile. At each new residence, I simply buy new cinderblocks (less than $15), and rebuild the shelves. Fucking cool, right? And I know I'm biased, but I think they look great: speaking compared to my already spartan and industrial aesthetic, of course.

I was hoping that Nomadic Furniture would have more creative ideas in this same vein: cheap, attractive, and highly mobile options for someone with some woodworking skill and an eye for design. While such ideas definitely exist in this book (I gave it four stars, after all), they were in my opinion sparsely distributed.

Elsewhere, the designs ranged from the fancifully impractical (couches built entirely out of cardboard?) to the outright commercial. In the latter case, the book dated itself, as there were many references to current places where you could buy (not build) contemporary Danish and Norwegian furniture pieces. I definitely didn't buy this book as an ersatz IKEA catalog for companies from the 1970s. So those instances were disappointing.

However, it's still a very cool book, for the hobbyist carpenters and nomads out there. And even in the outrageous designs, there are key ideas that you can modify for your own creative uses. For example, this is one project that appears in the book:
I think this is a little ridiculous. I'm not sure I know anyone over the age of 10 who would actually want a room built up like this. (Perhaps these flights of fancy are just another way the book is dated and silly room themes were common in the 70s?).

But if you look closely, there is a pretty cool idea in there. The angular cross-members (probably 4x4s or 4x8s) could be placed along the walls in practically any room, without permanently altering the existing structure.
You could then string a hammock, or construct a set of cabinets, in the unused space above your head in any room. All without modifying the original frame or having to build freestanding load-bearing structure. Pretty cool!

I guess in that sense, the authors' admonitions "Make it Better!" rings true; download; and the book is worth thumbing through on that principle alone. Like this book? Read online this: Creative Haven Abstract Designs Coloring Book, Furniture Restoration.

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