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An "old book"—which a family member passed along to me when I was walking through a difficult time of loss. No Pat Answers EPUB EBook

Price addresses the questions we all have when what we perceive about God does not match our reality and how we often give pat answers to the question WHY?However, she reminds us that Jesus always said, “Follow Me.”He gave few answers to the questions about pain and suffering, but gave Himself and His presence.

Price says, “Some of us, at least, have been restricting God by demanding that He give us ‘pat answers’ to the disappointments, hardships, failures, and suffering from which no one is totally exempt.Freed of any attempt to explain God or to restrict Him by refusing to ask or to admit to honest questions, I remain free.Once I make even the slightest effort to force Him into a ‘pat answer’ concerning a crisis which may happen to me along the Way, inevitably the space around me narrows, my step slows, and my feet become entangled in the tough old vines and briar hoops of my former confusion.”


Though different in style and approach, like Philip Yancey, Price has addressed the issues of pain, suffering, disappointments, etc. in an insightful way.
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