No More Kisses for Bernard!

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The artwork and writing probably only deserve three stars, but I gave it a fourth because it's a book for all of those kids who are tired of having their boundaries violated and their wishes ignored. No More Kisses for Bernard! EPUB EBook
Bernard loves his family and his extended group of "aunts," but he just doesn't like getting kissed and hugged all the time. By his standards, they get carried away. Even when he does his best to explain this, and set boundaries, one of his aunts ignores his clearly expressed wishes.
Then, once she realizes that he's really upset, and was really serious, she comes up with an alternative way of expressing her affection for him, one that he finds both acceptable and fun.
Because the book does a good job of explaining this problem without making Bernard sound weird, and because there is a cute and clever solution in the story, I highly recommend this book. Even if it's not about this particular problem, kids need to feel that someone is listening to them, and a discussion of this story might allow both child and parent to learn something important. Like this book? Read online this: TIME for Kids BIG Book of Why, Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses #6).

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