Night Garden

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Genre: Poetry

Summary: Night Garden is a collection of 15 poems that portray many different images and emotions of dreaming. Night Garden EPUB EBook

Critique: A. Relevance of themes
B. This collection of poems is simply brilliant. Wong has an amazing ability to relate her personal experiences to the reader through vivid imagery and simplicity of poem structure.
C. For example, Wong relates to children's dreams by portraying images of flying, falling, reuniting with an old friend, and speaking an unknown language fluently. I know that I have had dreams containing all of these themes and I am sure many children have too and have a hard time understanding the meaning. Wong helps children understand their dreams through her poetry through beautifully simplistic language that children can understand.

Curriculum Connection: These poems could be shared with 2nd- EPUB5th grade and beyond. I think these poems would be wonderful to share with children during a poetry unit with a possibly theme of dreams. Dreams are a wonderful jumping off point for beginning poets because it allows students to be completely creative. Students could share a memorable dream with a small group and create a short poem, a haiku even, describing their dream or just one part of their dream or even just an emotion from their dream. Poems could be shared with the class or added to a poem portfolio. Like this book? Read online this: Giving Wings to Children's Dreams, The Night Mare (The Wicked Garden, #5).

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