New X-Men by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection - Book 2

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Living and Dying: Cerebra guides Xorn to a mutant living with his mother. New X- EPUBMen by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection - Book 2 EPUB EBookUnfortunately, the mutant looks like a monster and has been accused of eating a dog.

If I hadn't already had the truth behind Xorn spoiled for me, this would have been a touching story for a superhero comic.

New Worlds: Professor X and Jean Grey try to learn the extent of her power boost, Fantomex demands sanctuary from the X-Corporation, and Cyclops asks Emma Frost for help.

I like what Morrison is doing with the X-Men during his run on the book but I can't help feeling a little sad that they're going to start undoing everything the instant his run is over.

Fantomex: Weapon 12 is unleashed and Fantomex enlists the aid of Professor X and Jean to help him.

This one was a bit slow paced but jumpy at the same time, kind of like Final Crisis would be years later.

Weapon 12: Weapon 12 is running amok and Fantomex and the X-Men try to bring him down.

Fantomex's identity is somewhat revealed and a team member dies.Again, slow paced but good.

Some Angels Falling: The X-Men attended (view spoiler)