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Richard Mabey's descent into clinical depression was so annihilating that he could neither work nor play, nor sustain relationships with family or friends. Nature Cure EPUB EBook He was drinking too much — and, worst of all, had lost all pleasure in the outside world. This remarkable book charts his gradual return to joyfulness.

Richard Mabey had lived his whole life in the Chilterns. As a boy, he had tramped over the hills, bird- EPUBwatching and botanizing. As a man, he purchased a large wood, which he studied in detail over a number of years. He drew on the experience of the Chilterns in all his writings. When depression dragged him under, he felt as if all this was lost, denied, destroyed. In Nature Cure he describes how he found the courage to change his habitat — from hills and chalk to watery fens and flat open spaces. He moved to Norfolk. He fell in love. Slowly, he started once more to look about him.

Drawing always on the metaphors and myths of nature — the migration of birds, the magic of the changing seasons — he shows how the British countryside increased his understanding of what really matters and restored his sense of delight. Like this book? Read online this: How to Cure Break-up Depression and Get Your Self-Confidence Back, Fast Eczema Cure - The Easiest, Safest Way To Cure Eczema Fast.

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