My Little Sister Doris

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This book is recommended for 3+ year olds. My Little Sister Doris EPUB EBook The captions and illustrations add a fun element to the story and are really engaging and child friendly.

This book is about a family of crocodiles which just got bigger due to news of an additional little baby croc.' They are very much like your average everyday family set up, as the main themes surround transition to big brotherhood and sibling rivalry.

Its tough being an elder brother for Moris, unfortunately he bares the brunt end of things at home, by having his belongings broken or torn by his younger sister Doris. He finds it patronising that Doris cannot even pronounce his name.
One day their parents announce that there will soon be an addition to the family. And suddenly things get worse as Moris and Doris have to sacrifice bedroom space and in addition Moris is not allowed to play his guitar near the egg.
Mum suggests ways of bonding the crocs. And then the egg hatches. The attention is now diverted to baby croc Boris and so Doris feels lonely. And undoubtedly the mixture of feelings and emotions that big brother Moris experienced with Doris. As a result of Boris snapping Moris's guitar they fall out with each other. Moris puts things right by telling Mum and dad what actually happened as Doris was mistakenly blamed when the fault was actually Boris.'
Mum and dad put things right and they learn to get along with each other and enjoy each others company.

This book could be used to read to children during story time and also to inspire creative writing as children are very likely to be able to relate to the issues that arise in this book. It can potentially change their perspective of becoming a big brother or sister in a positive respect.
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