My Christmas Angels

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Revised and Updated! 2nd Edition!


My Christmas Angels is a tragic yet heartwarming Christmas story about Greg, a single father in his twenties, and Angie, his lively six- EPUByear old daughter, living in poverty in Vancouver. My Christmas Angels EPUB EBook When they are evicted from their home, they move in with Greg's ex-girlfriend, Jessica, for whom he still has feelings. Just as their romance blossoms, Angie suffers a concussion and slips into a coma.

Riddled with grief and guilt, Greg stays at his daughter's side night and day. As the Christmas season approaches, he comes to terms with the possibility that his daughter may never wake up. He is advised to keep busy so he buries his grief in doing good deeds. Uplifted, Greg takes solace in the realization that great tragedy can give birth to great blessings.

My Christmas Angels is a touching and uplifting story of hope and love that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

Word Count: 20,000 words Like this book? Read online this: Living the Days of Advent and the Christmas Season 2012, NYC Angels & Gold Coast Angels Collection.

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