Music of Silence

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Read this little book in preparation for and on a Quiet Retreat. Music of Silence EPUB EBook It was a helpful overview of the monastic hours of the day and the gifts each hour brings. A great book to read to help re- EPUBcover a sense of the rhythms of our days and years.

I particularly like the chapter on the hour of Prime in that it is a deliberate "assigning of the work" for each day that begs one to pause and consider what is to be done. The reminder to not begin in the middle, but to pause and start each day anew, is sage advice. Also helpful is taking the view that all of our work is common work (for the common good, that is) regardless of us being alone when we accomplish it.

The other gem in this book is the discovery of a "monastic coffee break"- Terce. The third hour, in which the focus is on being filled with and alive in the Holy Spirit comes from the apostles being accused of drunkeness at Pentecost: "We are not drunk, after all it is but the third hour!"Terce, then, allows one to pause in their work after several hours and re-focus by inviting the Holy Spirit to bring His life and strength to our hearts and work.

A lot of great insight in a small book. Certainly worth a read for those who feel like the hours of the day are their enemy. Like this book? Read online this: Finest Hour (The Survivalist Book 6), The Literature of American Music in Books and Folk Music Collections.

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