Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl

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This was by far one of my top 5 life changing books I have EVER READ. Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl EPUB EBook I always say that one of my biggest downfalls is relationships. I tend to over think them, over compensate for the man’s short comings and blame the guy for my own issues. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that in all of these relationship issues, I was the common denominator. My lack of confidence in myself drew in Unavailable men. I was emotionally unavailable and by picking these guys that would either give me a whirlwind initial romance or come in to a relationship broken, it excused me from having to face my own internal hang ups. This book helped me break up my trends and see where I go wrong. It gave me the confidence to excuse myself and not carry all of the blame. I learned that I need to trust my instinct and set boundaries. Over all the book was absolutely FANTASTIC. I finished this book in 24 hours (with sleep and kids in the mix) and I must say I finally “get it”. I finally get what my ex boyfriend said about my self- EPUB fulfilling prophecy. I understand where I build myself up and let myself down. I see so many things I didn’t see before and I honestly feel great and rejuvenated. I know it is going to take some self effort to follow along with Natalie’s recommendations but I am going to commit to it. I need to grow from these experiences and focus on being a better me and loving myself unconditionally. I recommend this book to all women. This isn’t a book recommending “games” like The Rules or Why Men Love Bitches (though Natalie does bring up some of their same points i.e sex etc) On the contrary it is more about loving and valuing yourself and letting go of inhibitions. Not allowing situations that go awry to determine who you are. I give this book a million stars. Like I said, one of my most favorite reads. Like this book? Read online this: Diary of a Wimpy Villager (Book 5) (Book 5): (An unofficial Minecraft book), Girl-Nerds Like it Deeper (Girl-Nerd, #3).

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