Mother West Wind's Children

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Thornton Burgess was born in 1874 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Mother West Wind's Children EPUB EBook While growing up he explored the fields, woods, and salt marshes of Cape Cod, where he came to know the birds, animals, and plant life well. Later, as a grown man, he told stories to his young son about the animals and wildlife he knew and loved. These stories were collected in Old Mother West Wind, the first of more than seventy books by Mr. Burgess. A companion to that perennial favorite, Mother West Wind's Children is a collection of fifteen "Why" stories: Why are Peter Rabbit's ears so long? Why does Reddy Fox have no friends? Harrison Cady's classic illustrations bring these beloved characters to life and help make this time- EPUBhonored title perfect for generations of children to enjoy. Like this book? Read online this: THE REAL MOTHER GOOSE (Perfect Bedtime Story for Children and Young Readers) (Annotated), Mother Courage and Her Children.

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