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I loved Nicholas Paul, probably more than any of his countless female admirers. Moonspell EPUB EBook After all, I had created him. When I wrote about Nicki, I wrote of adventure—of passion, danger and intrigue. None of those things even remotely touched my own ordinary life until that night in Madrid, when fate brought me face- EPUBto-face with my creation...

He called himself Bryce Macklin. I would have known him anywhere, using any name. Strange and inexplicable as it was, I knew this stunning stranger was my Nicki come to life.

He and I were bound inextricably, we soon discovered—by forces transparent as moonlight yet stronger than steel. We longed to trust the passion that burned so hotly between us, but we first had to unravel a mystery. First we had to break a potent spell... Like this book? Read online this: Nicki Minaj, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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