Moonlight's Silver

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Ankerite is a half- EPUBbreed, trapped between his two forms, neither fully human nor fully wolf. Moonlight's Silver EPUB EBook Hunted and despised, he tries to survive by hiding his true nature and settling among humans. Unfortunately, a werewolf's senses are not so easily fooled, and he is discovered by Cole, a full-blood werewolf. Ankerite flees Cole's territory only to stumble into another's.

He's surprised when Linden, a rogue wolf who has clashed with Cole in the past, rescues him. But when Linden promptly takes him home to his pack and keeps him there, Ankerite faces a new threat to his peace of mind: Linden’s determination to claim him as his mate. Like this book? Read online this: Linden Road 1940s, SILVER (The Amaranthe Chronicles, #3) (Silver, #3).

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