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Cait Irwin’s purpose in writing her book Monochrome Days is mostly to inform people of depression. Monochrome Days EPUB EBook Monochrome Days offers people with information about “depression” (Irwin 11), signs of somebody who may be suffering from it, opinions from professionals, and much more. This book can teach many lessons to adolescents who suffer from mental illnesses. It can teach you to not give up when the going gets tough. Sometimes you need to know that “it is okay to ask for help” (Irwin 25). Those who suffer from depression know that at first it can be a heavy weight to carry alone. If you go seek help though, it can only get better from there.
Monochrome Days is written very well. It is easy to read but still keeps the reader captivated. In this book, there are many different sentence lengths and sentence patterns such as declarative or interrogative. In this novel, the author goes into detail about her struggle with depression, her road to recovery, and even how it was “coping [with] everyday life” (Irwin 94). At first, she did not want to “get the help” (Irwin94) that she needed but then later went to go see a psychiatrist then later “joined a support group” (Irwin 92). Cait Irwin is pretty straight forward in her writing and tells things as they are.
This book is very captivating. I can say that it has had me interested since the first sentence. This is mainly because I can relate to this author’s experience with depression. Everybody is different. Not all two people will show the same “symptoms” (Irwin 48) or have the same experience “coping with depression” (Irwin 94). Most people who are diagnosed with this mental illness do go to see a therapist/ counselor/ psychologist and take medication. Some can be different though. They might be able to not take the medication and just do “therapy” (Irwin 72) or vice versa. The reader can tell that this is a very touchy topic that is to be taken seriously. This book is very educational and helped me out a lot.
One strength of this book is that everything is told in such great detail. The author does a good job at telling her story but also giving the audience good, factual information about “warning signs to look out for” (Irwin 48) and what you need to do to get help. There is something about novels that are based on true stories that always have just captivated my attention. Reading real people’s stories may help “you cope [with] everyday life” (Irwin 94). Books like these can have the reader really relate to what the author is feeling. This book can impact any reader, especially those who have been in similar situations. I believe that anybody that reads this who suffers from a mental illness will benefit from it. There are so many topics in here that help. It has everything from dealing with depression at home to “dealing with it at school” (Irwin 110) which can be a difficult task especially for teens.
I would recommend this book to my family or any one of my friends suffering from depression. Not only is this book a fantastic option, but you can gain a lot of knowledge from it. There are some things in the novel that I did not know of previously but now know. Unlike the Hunger Games or New Moon, many people can relate to the real situations of Monochrome Days. I would highly recommend this book.
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