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Those who page through Monkey Portraits will come away with a renewed appreciation for the sentience of primates. Monkey Portraits EPUB EBook In these extreme close- EPUBups, we unmistakably recognize expressions of joy, annoyance, mischievousness, embarrassment, shyness and more. While the body shapes of monkeys and apes may be exotic, there is no doubt that there is a someone behind those eyes.

Seeing these remarkable images will no doubt cause more aware readers to ponder the many ways we torment and snuff out these someones. We drive species to the brink of extinction through habitat loss and the bushmeat trade. We experiment on them by scores. We confine them as “exotic pets.” And we use them, too often abusively, for entertainment.

Which brings me to the disappointing aspect of this book. The photographer used showbiz primates for her portraits; download; animals who would sit and pose on cue in a studio. The monkeys’ and apes’ “credits” at the end of the book list things like “Jack in the Box commercial” and “Maxim magazine.” Their origins are often animal rental agencies with names like “Benay’s Bird and Animal Source.”

While the backgrounds of the animals don’t diminish the power of the photographs, it is sad the photographer chose to support the use of primates in show business, particularly great apes. That many of these young chimps and orangutans probably havesad pasts and even sadder futures adds a melancholy edge to the portraits.
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