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I bought a calendar last year of Monet paintings which made me finally buy this book. Monet EPUB EBook It tells the story of Monet and his history how he left school before what they called the leaving exams to become a painter. He headed to Paris. He entered a small private art school. He met Dutch painter Johan Jongkind. It told how he struggled with critics. His family refused him an allowance. He struggled to get by on his commissions. He met Camille and starts painting her. Bazille a friend who is better off financially takes him in and shares a studio. He will even buy some of Monet's paintings. Monet finally leaves to travel to his family painting. Camille will end of pregnant with a son. Bazille will end up supporting the three off and on because Monet's paintings sell only occasionally.
This book tells the story of his life and his friends, the artists he met along the way. And the beautiful art inside is spectacular. Like this book? Read online this: Monet, Monet.

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