Mom the Toilet's Clogged!

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In a household with children, disasters lurk around every corner. Mom the Toilet's Clogged! EPUB EBook Laundry soap in the dishwasher. Baseballs launched through the neighbor’s window. Heads stuck between stair railings. Sandwiches in the VCR. What’s a parent to do? "Mom, the Toilet’s Clogged!" takes on common kid- EPUBinduced household problems and provides hands-on, rational solutions that work. Offering practical and funny advice in the bestselling tradition of The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook and Hints from Heloise, this is the definitive guide to alleviating everyday trauma. Padded with interesting tips that most adults never thought they’d need—until they became parents—this book will help parents with whatever kid disasters befall them.
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