Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences

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This volume puts model formulae- EPUBthe methodology used to analyze linear statistics-firmly within the grasp of undergraduates for the first time since its initial development in the 1960s. Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences EPUB EBook The authors assume a basic knowledge of statistics, up to and including one and two sample t-tests and their non-parametric equivalents. They then introduce the General Linear Model, providing the conceptual framework needed to understand what the method does (using geometrical illustrations rather than mathematical proofs). The ideas are introduced in a simple and steady progression with worked examples and exercises at every stage. This innovative text offers students a single conceptual framework for a wide range of tests-including t-tests, oneway and multiway analysis of variance, linear and polynomial regressions, and analysis of covariance-that are usually introduced separately. More importantly, it gives students a language in which they can frame questions and communicate with the computers that perform the analyses. All the examples and exercises are available in separate online documents in Minitab, SAS, and SPSS. All datasets used as examples in the text and for the exercises may also be downloaded from the website. Appropriate for use in statistics courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences is also a helpful resource for students in non-mathematics-based disciplines using statistics, such as geography, psychology, epidemiology, and ecology. Like this book? Read online this: WORKBOOK (Tests and Exercises) Toxic Relationships, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 8th Ed..

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