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Modern C++ Designis an important book. Modern C++ Design EPUB EBook Fundamentally, it demonstrates 'generic patterns' or 'pattern templates' as a powerful new way of creating extensible designs in C++- EPUBa new way to combine templates and patterns that you may never have dreamt was possible, but is. If your work involves C++ design and coding, you should read this book. Highly recommended. -Herb Sutter What's left to say about C++ that hasn't already been said? Plenty, it turns out. -From the Foreword by John Vlissides In Modern C++ Design, Andrei Alexandrescu opens new vistas for C++ programmers. Displaying extraordinary creativity and programming virtuosity, Alexandrescu offers a cutting-edge approach to design that unites design patterns, generic programming, and C++, enabling programmers to achieve expressive, flexible, and highly reusable code. This book introduces the concept of generic components-reusable design templates that produce boilerplate code for compiler consumption-all within C++. Generic components enable an easier and more seamless transition from design to application code, generate code that better expresses the original design intention, and support the reuse of design structures with minim Like this book? Read online this: Modern Compiler Design, Mentor Development in the Education of Modern Language Teachers (Modern Languages in Practice, 18).

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